National Geographic Announces QUEENS, the First-Ever Natural History Docuseries Where Female Animals Reign Supreme

Six-part Series Breaks a Gender Barrier, Marking the First Women-led
Production Team to Capture A New Perspective on Nature

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Never before has a women-led production team set out to capture the
wondrous beauty of the natural world, and never before has natural
history storytelling focused solely on matriarchal societies… until now.

National Geographic, world renowned for its rich tradition in natural
history storytelling and cinematic craft, announces QUEENS, an
epic, six-part natural history docuseries that follows six powerful
sisterhoods within the animal kingdom where females rule. The all-women
visionaries behind the series draw on their female intuitions to shine a
fresh light on the natural world, revealing unique feminine behaviors in
six distinct animal communities: hyenas, elephants, ring-tailed lemurs,
insects, primates and orcas.

QUEENS, which began production this spring will air globally
in 172 countries and 43 languages, is a mammoth undertaking; crews are
estimated to spend at least 300 days filming each of the six episodes in
order to paint intimate portraits of each queen and the sisterhood she

QUEENS is a wild departure from anything you’ve ever
experienced with natural history storytelling,” says Vanessa Berlowitz,
series executive producer, Wildstar Films. “We’re accustomed to a
narrative where the male animal voice often outshines that of the
misperceived ‘gentler’ sex. In QUEENS, females drive
the story: the most accomplished women in the industry get behind the
camera to turn things on their heads, revealing surprising insights into
how females rise to power, often relying on cooperation and wisdom over
brute strength to get ahead.”

“With QUEENS, National Geographic challenges a
historical bias in wildlife storytelling that favors masculine
societies,” says Janet Han Vissering, senior vice president of
development and production, National Geographic. “The assembly of
first-ever women-led production team will bring a new perspective to
telling these intimate narratives. Scientifically, women score higher
for emotional and social intelligence, so it will be fascinating to see
how the team will read relationships to underscore the nuances of how
female-bonded societies operate.”

Each episode devotes itself to discovering just why the title of queen
is so coveted and tenuous. While getting to the top signifies power,
holding rank is far from easy. Every day brings challenges – and
challengers – to a queen’s rule. How she remains dominant depends on
individual personality, loyalty, cooperation, politics, strength and

Despite major behavioral differences among each society – for example,
bees, wasps and ants are slaves to a single dictatorial queen, while
elephants choose the oldest and wisest of their matriarch – there’s at
least one thing that each queen has in common: family comes first. In QUEENS, nothing
outmatches the powerful bonds of sisterhood.

The production team is led by Berlowitz, CEO of Wildstar Films and
series executive producer, and also boasts some of the world’s most
renowned, accomplished cinematographers, including Sophie Darlington (“Our
Planet,” “Dynasties,” Disneynature’s “Penguins”)
and Justine
Evans (“Planet Earth,” “Frozen Planet,” “Life”).

“This series is full of possibilities and will offer a contemporary
perspective on nature with the ambition to build industry legacy through
diversity, collaboration and inclusiveness,” says Darlington. “It’s so
exciting to create a project with such a talented team; we share a
strong commitment to the environment and believe that engaging women is
key to saving the planet.”

QUEENS features state-of-the-art technology, including
remote camera systems, the latest drones, cameras that operate in
virtual darkness and gyrostabilized cameras for close-up, immersive
filming. All the equipment used throughout each episode aims to give the
viewer a profound understanding of the secret relationships within each
queen’s sisterhood.

QUEENS is produced by Wildstar Films for National Geographic. For
Wildstar Films, Vanessa Berlowitz is executive producer. Janet Han
Vissering is senior vice president of development and production,
National Geographic.

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